European windows and doors

GEMI has been creating and installing premium, exclusive, Commercial and Residential doors and windows for over 25 years. European engineering and innovation have made GEMI windows and doors among the finest on the market today, at a price point that will make your choice clear. GEMI stands for uncompromising quality, efficiency, durability and value.


Windows Repair & Maintenance

We are specializing in service for all European windows and doors systems.
In and post guarantee.

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Your windows and doors create your relationship with the outer world, as well as protection from it. GEMI brings an aesthetic and technological synthesis that enhances your home’s sense of security and style.

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Design and efficiency. This is what you demand from your commercial properties. At GEMI, these two traits are built into everything we produce.

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The aluminum system offers increased weather resistance. At the same time, the wood grain remains visible from the interior.

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Windows and doors suitable for oversize applications and no barrier solutions for balconies, terraces and swimming pools

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Windows with excellent thermal insulation properties designed primarily for family houses, low-energy and passive houses

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See what GEMI has already created for discerning customers


Superior Thermal Insulation

Three-panel technology.

Three-panel technology dramatically reduces thermal heat gain and loss, reducing the strain on HVAC systems and eliminating condensation issues. In addition, the third panel, as well as spectrally selective glass, provides an additional layer of protection against UV infiltration.

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Sound Mitigation

One of the commercial industries primary concerns.

Our three-panel technology is so effective against exterior noise, that even our base line products offers an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating superior to most premium products on the market today. We test and manufacture to a higher standard. The result is a far superior level of sound mitigation.

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Blinds, mosquito nets, windowsills.

Make your windows even better with our high-quality accessories, motor operated exterior blinds, large mosquite nets for both windows and doors, wide range of glass styles and more.

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Designed to endure.


GEMI windows and doors are designed to endure. The #1 related cause for replacement is thermal breakdown in membranes and gaskets which tend to decay over time due to environmental exposure. GEMI’s design and construction significantly limits moisture and climate exposure to these malleable components. The result is a superior product that will outlast and outperform.

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Built to spec.

Custom sizes

Our windows and doors are built to spec so you don't have to choose from limited supply of sizes. Give us a hole in the wall and we will give you a window to match it.

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Countless colors and materials.

Design & Style

The nearly countless color and materials options ensure that your window and door package will be as distinct as it is exceptional. We work with architects, builders and homeowners to create perfect custom window and door packages.

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