Up to 40% in heat insulation saving

Thanks to possibility of glazing with total thickness of up to 61 mm the windows reaches excellent parameters in passage of heat coefficient. Excellent thermal insulation is suitable for low energy and passive houses.

Central insulation significantly increases the value of thermal insulation, increases water-tightness against spilling rainstiff barrier prevents from picking a forging in case of burglary, it prevents the forging against weather conditions.

Revolutionary technology of glass pasting-in into wing profile creates safe and compact interconnection between the glass and wing, improves wing stability, increases thermal-insulation and sound-insulation window properties for up to 10%.

Living 82 MD Energy Saving Window

Comparison of properties of Corona CT 70 and Living 82 MD windows shows significant difference in thermal-insulation properties and high rentability upon investing into Living 82 MD Windows.

Windows with best thermal insulation properties