GEMI 70.HI Entrance door

Commercial door for heavily used entrance areas


The Gemi GEMI 70.HI system offers functional versatility with a range of opening types combined the with standard Gemi heat insulation and statics. The tried-and tested Gemi system allows for all conventional opening types including automatic door systems as well as burglar-resistant doors – also with emergency exit door function.

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Great thermal insulation

Great thermal insulation with thermal transmittance as low as 0.20 (U.S/I-P)

Optional glazing

Optional double/triple glazing or different types of door panels

3-point locking system

The entrance door comes with a 3-point locking system as standard

Custom color finish

Available in any lamination or RAL color

Technical Specification

Profile chambers 3
Construction depth 72mm / 2" 13/16
Glasses 3 / TGU
Glazing type 4-16-4-16-4
U (window) 0.20 (U.S/I-P)
U (glass) 0.1 (U.S/I-P)
Min width 15" 3/4 - wing
Min height 78" 3/4
Max width 58" 1/4 - wing
Max height 101" 9/16
Sound mitigation (Rw) based on glazing and size

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