GEMI 70.HI Lift & Slide Aluminum doors

The versatile aluminum lifting-sliding system


Versatility is our strength: The Gemi GEMI 70.HI is a modular profile system with a modern design which meets the highest structural requirements. It boasts an array of profile view widths, is compatible with other heroal systems and offers a virtually limitless selection of surfaces. The Gemi GEMI 70.HI also offers multi-track opening types and barrier-free systems.

Special casement section geometries ensure that all requirements and specifications relating to heat insulation are met for all casement sizes and weights. The heroal sealing technology, with three levels and sealed corners for sealing casements and central joints, enables optimum air permeability and tightness against driving rain.

Product properties:

  • Exceptional optical interconnection of the interior with your garden or terrace
  • 3-chamber system with excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Construction depth 178 mm
  • Barrier-free sill
  • Ideal solution for filling larger construction openings
  • Optional double or triple glazing up to 56 mm
  • Excellent interior illumination
  • Easy to operate, the door does not take any space during opening
  • Saves space required for handling
  • Be connected with nature in every season
  • Any lamination finish, also available in RAL finish
  • Wing height up to 3,000 mm
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Eliminated bimetallic effect

Prevents the sliding door from getting damaged

Maximal size of sliding wing 118 x 118in

Innovative middle coupler

Ensures better resistance towards wind and rain

Maximal carrying capacity of the wing 900lbs

Enables big glassing of modern architecture

Optional barrierless design

Enables you to walk from outside to inside without tripping over

Technical Specification

Profile chambers 3
Construction depth 178mm / 7"
Glasses 3 / TGU
Glazing type 4-16-4-16-4
U (window) 0.22 (U.S/I-P)
U (glass) 0.1 (U.S/I-P)
Min width 78" 3/4 type A
Min height 78" 3/4
Max width 236" 1/4 - type A
Max height 118" 1/8
Sound mitigation (Rw) based on glazing and size

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