GEMI 75.HI(SI+) Entrance door

The variable and efficient premium front door system


The Gemi GEMI 75.HI(SI+)front door system is characterised by intuitive operation and adaptive design. The system offers a multitude of design options with its modular structure. The appearance and usage properties can be easily adapted to different capabilities or new user requirements. And this has no effect whatsoever on the outstanding performance features or functional operability.

Thanks to three innovative production stages, Gemi door systems offer effective protection against the bi-metal effect. This is when large temperature differences between the interior and exterior cause deformations on the casement frame. Door casement sections can also be modified retrospectively to counter this. This can be done using a conventional jig saw. The section is then completely covered by the slide-in spring.

Perfection lies in the detail: Thanks to the newly developed and enhanced corner angle, connector and internal seal technologies from Gemi, the Gemi GEMI 75.HI(SI+) aluminium coupled door system enables huge savings to be made on time and materials during processing. The use of Gemi system fittings guarantees additional system reliability and warranty.

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Gemi T-connector technology

Gemi development technology

Gemi internal seal technology

Gemi fitting technology


Proprietary technology against bending

Perfect solution for passive buildings

Modern design and elegant appearance

Proprietary peripheral insulation system

Innovative barrierless threshold with three insulation stages

Technical Specification

Profile chambers 3
Construction depth 92mm / 3" 5/8
Glasses 3 / TGU
Glazing type 4-16-4-16-4
U (window) 0.17 (U.S/I-P)
U (glass) 0.1 (U.S/I-P)
Min width 15" 3/4 - wing
Min height 78" 3/4
Max width 58" 1/4 - wing
Max height 101" 9/16
Sound mitigation (Rw) based on glazing and size

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